Modern life is designed to disconnect us from our true selves, nature, and our ancestral roots. So many of us move through life on autopilot with each day blending into the next. How often are you pulled in every direction, like you always have to be somewhere or doing something for someone, then by the time you are finally done there is no energy left for you? Downtime, fun, and happiness are always overshadowed by what needs to be done next. Mindless distraction becomes a friend.



Without true connection to who we are at the deepest level we are unrooted. Just like trees need their roots to be nourished, sustained and grow, so do we. 


As we tap into our roots and allow them to nourish us, our community is strengthened. The energy extends to the people closest to us and keeps radiating further and further out until we can’t help but connect with each other on a deeper soul level.



It all starts with you and your commitment to yourself. 



You can transform and heal from:



  • Loss of meaning and purpose
  • Disconnection from intuition and emotions
  • Separation from blood and spiritual ancestors and our roots

Walk with me through the valley of the sacred bones and:



  • Reconnect with nature and explore your core self.
  • Face and integrate fragmented parts of yourself.
  • Honor your ancestors, learn from their experiences, and heal inherited traumas.
  • Embrace transformation and renewal.
  • Ignite your inner light.
  • Reclaim joy and fulfillment.