I invite you to join me on a journey of homecoming.


Without the bones of our ancestors we are lost, without the bones of our own spirit we collapse. By connecting with our ancestors and understanding the bones of ourselves, our shadows can be witnessed and embraced. We can see what contracts need to be rewritten, what aspects of ourselves and lineage need to be healed, and where our gifts and purpose are housed. 


This is a journey to wholeness. It is a union with your ancestors and a re-union with yourself.

Gogo Indawo yamaThuna Mathambo is an initiated traditional healer

in the Sangoma tradition of South Africa

As a Sangoma, and The Keeper of the Bones, Gogo Indawo helps you dive deep within to address the core issues affecting your life. We are each the result of our ancestors prayers and dreams. We carry their victories and gifts as well as their experiences, beliefs, and traumas within our physical and spiritual being. Gogo guides you through the layers of healing to reach the deep-rooted remembrance of who you are as a whole and divine being, your bone knowing.