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Learning the Language of Your Ancestors

Your ancestors are in constant communication with you. Can you hear them? Do you understand their messages?
We are each the result of our ancestors’ prayers and dreams and we carry their victories as well as their experiences, beliefs, and traumas within our physical and spiritual being. To become fluent in their language is to learn about yourself.
In this six-part series you will learn develop and grow your relationship with your ancestors and spirits, learn how they communicate with you, how to decipher and understand their messages, and how to trust the communication and process.
  • Week 1- Introduction
  • Week 2- Communication through the senses and physical body
  • Week 3- Communication through nature and surroundings
  • Week 4- Communication through synergy and experience
  • Week 5- Dreams and the dream world
  • Week 6- Discussion and closing ceremony
Learning your personal symbolism and soul language is important for any form of divination, dream work, and also for self knowledge and self development.
This series includes:
  • A weekly 60-90 minute class and discussion
  • Homework and exercises for development
  • A private Facebook group for support, sharing, and questions
Dates and Times TBD
There are a limited number of spaces available per group.

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