No words…

There are no words to describe the experience. Things were brought to light that no one should have known. The feelings that I fought so hard to ignore, are being worked through.

It’s one thing to have a reading, it’s another to have the healing with it as you process what you were just told. Not sent home to figure it out on your own.

Christy Sprouse

Event Responses

Gogo Indawo “The Bone Lady” was at our shop over the weekend of Aug 7th & 8th. Here are some of the direct responses
“Holy Crap! There is no way she could have known that.”
“I know what I need to do now”
“I can’t wait until she comes back!”
“This just solidifies everything for me. I need to do more work with her!”
“Does she do this anywhere else? I want to book a private session.”

I watched as guests would enter, nervous, afraid, worried about the outcome, with a strong question on their mind; every single one left with clarity and instructions to continue the healing.

This is not your typical reading. What she does is at the root, in the bones… the soul of a person, their ancestors all the way to their flesh. It is intense, accurate and above all, something that not just anyone can do.

Dragonfly Creations & Spirits

Peaceful Validation

The session truly helped me deal… made me realize that I don’t have to rush my grief for the sake of others… it also validated my path and confirmed my abilities … I will definitely be booking another session ! The cost was very manageable and totally worth the experience I received…

Deborah Diaz

The Healing I needed all these years

The experience I had with Root and Bone healing is something I am still trying to wrap my head around. Incredible experience. How could she know things (childhood trauma, my past, my family issues, ancestors,guardian spirits) using bones and little trinket objects? It was so intriguing how she is able to obtain this information based on how and where they fall on the ground, touching other bones, or in proximity to your body. She does very well to explain what each object represents. In my case, the object that represented my spirit landed very close to me, which is good. She was told by the two bones that fell under my legs about my suppressed childhood abuse and how those thoughts are at times triggered by thoughts of my father. She showed me one object that fell close to me and told me that was the unborn child. She helped me understand I need to acknowledge and fully grieve and release the guilt connected to the unborn child. She was being shown an open wound and that i felt the child was torn away or stolen from me. Very true!
She helped me heal. Put me on the path to restore my faith, it was like a death and rebirth. She touched on many many more things in my life that were on point ! It was a life changing experience, I learned, i laughed, and i cried as she held me while performing many hands on healing techniques. I was even sent home with some healing tools to use for the next 14 days. I thank her and the universe for allowing me in to this beautifully cleansing experience .

Heather LaPoint

A great experience

I recently went to the Psychic fair at the Earth magic shop in Hillsborough and had a little Root and Bone healing session done. I was very taken back by the things she told me. Things that she wouldn’t have known! And it answered some questions in regards to how I’ve been feeling about myself over the past year. I was given instructions to follow at home to help me in a certain area and I’ve been following through. I’m very interested in booking more appointments soon! Thank you so much!!

Heather Desfosses-Doherty

A path for explaining the inexplicable

GoGo Indawo gave rationale and technique for uncovering the hidden calling inside of each of us; the sum of all those who contributed to our being both physically and spiritually. Her story and teachings give name to unexplainable experiences that there is no functional approach to at this time. She has meticulously examined the standpoint of modern medicine and given these experiences that have no home there an uplifting explanation that begs our exploration with the end goal of purpose and meaning in our lives.

Jules Abraham

Taking classes with Gogo Indawo at CWPN Harvest Gathering 2021

I had the good opportunity to meet Gogo Indawo and attend her classes at the Connecticut Wiccan Pagan Network’s annual Harvest Gathering in Orange, CT August 20th and 21st, 2021. I’ve been doing ancestry work for several years so I found Gogo’s insight into ancestry work very helpful especially in the larger realm of ancestors and not just my own relations who have passed over. As part of her teachings, Gogo conducted rituals where she went into her higher self that I found very profound for my personal self as well. During the weekend, Gogo made herself available for personal sessions that included bone casting. For those interested in connecting with their ancestors through bone casting, I highly recommend Gogo Indawo. Again, I had an rewarding time with Gogo and I hope to meet her soon again. All My Relations, Doug Yeager

Douglas G Yeager

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