Taking classes with Gogo Indawo at CWPN Harvest Gathering 2021

I had the good opportunity to meet Gogo Indawo and attend her classes at the Connecticut Wiccan Pagan Network’s annual Harvest Gathering in Orange, CT August 20th and 21st, 2021. I’ve been doing ancestry work for several years so I found Gogo’s insight into ancestry work very helpful especially in the larger realm of ancestors and not just my own relations who have passed over. As part of her teachings, Gogo conducted rituals where she went into her higher self that I found very profound for my personal self as well. During the weekend, Gogo made herself available for personal sessions that included bone casting. For those interested in connecting with their ancestors through bone casting, I highly recommend Gogo Indawo. Again, I had an rewarding time with Gogo and I hope to meet her soon again. All My Relations, Doug Yeager

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