Gogo Indawo yamaThuna Mathambo

The Keeper of the Bones

~Sangoma Traditional Healer~ ~Ancestral Shaman~ ~Spiritworker~ ~Diviner~

Meet Gogo Indawo

Born with the Sangoma calling, Gogo Indawo has traveled many roads in this lifetime, learning through personal traumas, experiences, and relationships.

The beginning of her journey was more of a slow downward spiral than what people living in the West think of as a spiritual and healing journey. In the process of looking for an answer to why she felt this way, she lost herself. She felt unrooted, longing for a home she didn’t know, becoming a chameleon who would change to match the people she connected with. Underneath, there was always something pulling her back to spirit, healing work, and nature.

Many years and experiences later she was led to do bone divinations and was having dreams about red and white beads. She had very vivid dreams that felt as real as waking life. Soon after she saw a spirit who always stood with her. Through him she met her Baba (spiritual godmother) who told her she was being called to ukuthwasa (initiation as a Sangoma.) She accepted the call.

As a Sangoma Gogo Indawo embodies her roots and bones, evolving more every day.  She has found the deep knowing of who she is, and looking back sees how all of her experiences led her to this point. She has lived and experienced to bring the healing to you.


Gogo is also trained and certified in numerous healing modalities. She is a life coach, spiritual counselor, ordained metaphysical minister, and an initiate of a closed magickal order who has been in the service of healing and divination for over 30 years.

Gogo's Reflection

I believe that difficulties in our lives, whether emotional, spiritual, or physical, are messages from our ancestors telling us that we are out of balance in some way and our connection to them and our core self is interrupted. When dealt with properly, these can actually be stages of deep transformation and profound healing.

There is a sacredness in digging deep down and being covered in the darkness, pulling up the old roots and setting them in the light.