Event Responses

Gogo Indawo “The Bone Lady” was at our shop over the weekend of Aug 7th & 8th. Here are some of the direct responses
“Holy Crap! There is no way she could have known that.”
“I know what I need to do now”
“I can’t wait until she comes back!”
“This just solidifies everything for me. I need to do more work with her!”
“Does she do this anywhere else? I want to book a private session.”

I watched as guests would enter, nervous, afraid, worried about the outcome, with a strong question on their mind; every single one left with clarity and instructions to continue the healing.

This is not your typical reading. What she does is at the root, in the bones… the soul of a person, their ancestors all the way to their flesh. It is intense, accurate and above all, something that not just anyone can do.

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